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ADHD fraud and the chemical holocaust against a generation of children.
Excerpts from an interview by Mike Adams with Dr. Fred Baughman

Adderall is the number one ADHD drug. A report came out with 12 or so individuals that were said to have had strokes, if you can imagine a stroke occurring in a young child. A total of 20 to 30 such reports led Health Canada to take Adderall off the market. The FDA did not take it off the market and even lobbied Health Canada behind-the-scenes to not take it off the market. About three or four months ago Health Canada put Adderall back on the market. The fascinating thing about Adderall is that it was a weight reduction drug for adults called Obetrol. It was so extremely addictive that Obetrol was taken off the market for that reason. Now we have the FDA bringing this extraordinarily addictive drug to market for little children. In fact, they are bringing it to market for entirely normal children said to have the illusory, bogus disease called ADHD.

To give you some background I practiced both adult and child neurology and am board certified in both. I have been a long-standing fellow of the American Academy of Neurology. I have launched a website called In 1980 the American Psychiatric Association invented ADD. It was a notion of a disease, an illusory disease; with child psychiatry repeating the lie often enough that it was becoming reality, especially for the educational establishment and teachers nationwide. Then in 1997 with the epidemic standing somewhere around 500,000 to 700,000 nationwide, they simply rewrote the diagnostic criteria by adding hyperactivity to the attention deficit.

To get a new "disorder" or disease introduced a group of psychiatrists simply meet in a room somewhere and they just write down and invent whatever behavioral observations that they want to assign ro this disease definition.

Professor William Cary of the University of Pennsylvania testified to Congress that 17 percent of all school children as of 2003 are on some type of psychiatric drug, not all ADHD drugs and not all with an ADHD diagnosis. I think today the number is probably 1 in 5, or 20 percent. This is something that does not exist in other countries and it didn't exist anywhere two generations ago. There are laws on the books that mandate a certain level of diagnosis in the schools and that even pay extra to school districts for every child that is diagnosed with one of the bogus and contrived diseases and treated as special-education subjects. Taxpayers end up paying two or three times as much for children thus labeled as they do for normal kids. So a school district that gets more children diagnosed with ADHD gets more funds. Once a child is labeled with one of these junk science labels that child can't get rid of it. They will have more trouble getting health care insurance and trouble finding employment.

There is no such thing as a psychiatric expert in any psychiatric disorder that is not wholly owned or operated by the pharmaceutical industry. It is a big and tragic truth. They are making millions of dollars writing these prescriptions for children. They have taken entirely normal children and made patients out of them by diagnosing them with fictional chemical imbalances of the brain. It's a total fraud.

The next great marketing frontier for these companies is adult ADHD. My alma mater, New York University School of Medicine, is at the forefront of this fraud. There was a story in the magazine section of the New York Times roughly a year ago, describing the launch of an adult ADHD clinic at the university. People went in and they took this behavorial checklist test and 85 percent of those taking the test had the disease. They got labeled and were on their way the very next day to their doctors with a new label.

In 2002 there was a survey done by the American Academy Of Child and Adult Psychiatry. They looked at the surveying practices of child psychiatrists and found that 91 percent of children seeing child psychiatrists came out of their initial visit with a prescription for a drug. It's not just psychiatry but its pediatrics, neurologists, family practitioners, psychologists, and school teachers across the country that have become pawns and are not seeing the evil of their ways by becoming pushers for the drugging establishment. The entire profession has been bought out. On average, every physician in the country gets $13,000 per year from the drug companies.

When you are given a drug to normalize an abnormality in your body or brain that doesn't exist, that's poisoning and you are going to be damaged by that drug every single time. So the side effect rate for Ritalin or for Adderall is 100 percent. There is no kid that gets put on these drugs that isn't altered by them. Their perceptions, behaviors, feelings and emotions are always changed and not always noticeably. They are always altered and there are horrible long-term consequences that we can't begin to know.

You may have heard of Teen Screen. David Schaefer, the psychiatrist who has authored Teen Screen, along with the pharmaceutical sponsors, is not content with the rate of growth of psychiatric poisoning in this country, so they want to make it mandatory that all kids in our captive population, our schools, take diagnostic tests. I would think that these screens would show that 60, 70 even 80 percent would have a positive diagnostic rate. I think that Illinois has already passed it and made it law. They are not asking parents whether or not they want their kids screened. This is worse than anything Stalin could have imagined. This population had better wake up; the implications go far beyond the drugging of our normal school children.

Right now there is a pharmaceutical company lobbyist for every member of Congress and probably three or four for every senator. It is really a horror story unfolding. When I started medicine in 1964, I thought we were a wonderful profession. We didn't have to compromise ourselves by inventing things to do. That has changed 100 percent. The medical profession is a disgrace today.